Thank You Jim Schwobel

Jim Donates His Wine Collection

Recently, Jim Schwobel decided to donate his collection of wine and spirits to his friends.

We, at the Legation Boules Club, are doing our best to make sure everyone gets to have some of it!

Every weekend we plan to sample another bottle.

Here we are, at the Terry Plemons Memorial Tournament on Halloween day having a taste of one of the bottles of red wine.

Thanks again to Jim and special thanks to Alex Gouyet for making this cool drone video!

  • Howdy to all my cherished friends,

    Thank you for participating and posting this wonderful note. I want each of you to know that it has lifted my spirits immensely and continues to do so every time I look at it.

    Jeff was kind enough to call the wines a ‘collection’ but truth-be-told, they are mostly inexpensive bottles of unknown quality.

    Regards, Jim Schwobel

    • Still a wonderful gesture on you part Jim, we shall enjoy every sip.
      I hope to see you again next time I am down.

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