Nova Scotia Pétanque 2024!

Our friends in Nova Scotia have decided that they just don't have all the people they need to sponsor a big pétanque tournament. Therefor they have decided to cancel the 2024 tournament.

The big Congrés mondial acadien will still be taking place as planed, and there will still be plenty of opportunity to play pétanque, just no official tournament.

Big Event in Nova Scotia!

Did you know that Boule Acadienne Club is planning to have a pétanque event in Nova Scotia that will correspond with the Congrés mondial acadien from August 10th to 18th in the year 2024?

It looks like it will be a great event. Our club founder, Ed Priest, and his wife say that they already plan to be there!

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Boule Acadienne Club!

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Here are some pictures of Belliveaus Cove, Nova Scotia in the winter. Brrrr!

Click on the map below to see where the Boule Acadienne Club is located in Nova Scotia.

It looks like a nice place!

Are You Going?

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  • I am very flattered and grateful for our members of the Acadian ball towards the legation balls club, its board with Ed Priest and all the members of the Texan club of Austin for this class of 2024 and our ball project within the framework of this world congress which will resonate proudly over the entire surface of the continent and elsewhere, whether in Europe or in Africa, Asia and Oceania…thank you to all of you, our Texan bowling friends for this reminder and this sign of friendship… May “the force be with you” for this new year 2023… alain-philippe

  • In April we will send détails and general plane on our Tournament august (9th) Argyle – (10th,11th,12th)

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