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The LBC hopes that you all are doing well and enjoying the great weather.

The Legation Boules Club will start meeting for regular play at the French Legation on Wednesdays starting March 17, 2021 at 1pm.

At a future date, when the Legation is open on weekends, the LBC will start meeting there on Sunday afternoons.   

The LBC encourages everyone to wear a mask while at the Legation.  While pétanque is a low-risk activity for the transmission of COVID-19, we request that all members practice safe distancing, limit personal contact, refrain from the sharing of dishes and other activities that increase the potential for disease transmission.  

Since the French Legation is a State property, staff members, the public and some club members may not be wearing masks. Those players who choose not to wear a mask can always play on a separate court.  

As the weather improves and COVID-19 levels decline, we anticipate that the pétanque community will begin to gather on Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons and other days.

Historically, the Friday games have been informal gatherings of the pétanque community at large organized via personal networks and not sponsored by LBC.  

I hope to see you on the courts at some point.

Peter Gray
LBC President

The Legation Boules Club celebrates the game of pétanque through friendship, community and sharing of knowledge.

About Pétanque

(pronounced "pay-tonk")

The Légation Boules Club (LBC) of Austin is for people who want to learn and practice playing the game of pétanque. The LBC got it's name from French Legation where we normally play every weekend.

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What People Say About Pétanque

" About half of all my good friends are people I met through playing pétanque." - Peter G.

" It's really easy to get started playing pétanque, but there is no limit to how good you can get." - Mary S.

If you have ever been curious about the famous French game of pétanque the now is the time to learn how to play and meet some new friends. It's fun! And we will be happy to show you how to get started. Just click the button below.