The Legation Boules Club celebrates the game of petanque through friendship, community and sharing of knowledge.

About Petanque (pronounced "pay-tonk")

The Légation Boules Club (LBC) of Austin is for people who want to learn and practice playing the game of pétanque. The LBC got it's name from French Legation where we normally play every weekend.

Big News!

Currently the French Legation is closed for restoration work so the games have been moved to the Browning Hangar at the Mueller development. That's Ok! The Hangar is a great place to play pétanque!

Where to Play?

Here is when people normally gather to play pétanque. Anyone is welcome to come and join in. Currently all these events at happening at the Browning Hangar.

  • ​Friday evenings starting around 7PM.
  • ​Sundays from around 3:30PM into the evening.

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​​​​About half of all my good friends are people I met through playing petanque.

​Peter G.

​​It's really easy to get started playing petanque, but there is no limit to how good you can get.

​Mary S.