Report 2 from Lost Wages

​Unfortunately, I heard that Ed and Gary managed to gamble the car away. The rental company is not happy.

Pétanque on Sunday October 20th

We got this message from Jim Schwobel...


For pétanque players planning to play this Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, you should know that the Farmers' Market is hosting a "Fermentation Festival" that will run from 10:00am until 4:00pm. 

Allowing time for the vendors to vacate the Browning Hangar and the parking lot to be available, most likely the earliest time we'll play will be 5:00pm, maybe you can adjust your arrival time accordingly.

Jim Schwobel
Vice-President, Heart of Texas Petanque Club

​An alternative for those wanting to play earlier than 5:00 would be to start at 2-3PM at Paggi Square.

Report from Las Vegas

​Here is a message from Ed Priest:

Got in yesterday & checked out the courts.  They are bocce/petanque courts. (7 bocce, 14 pétanque)

Nice well lit best ones I have played on.  Great setting with sunsets like the Hangar!

Wish us luck,

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LBC Elections for 2019

​Dear Legation Boules Club Members,

Elections for the club are coming up fast! The Offices of Vice President, Information Officer and Secretary are up for grabs.

Candidates are:
Vice President- Kelly Brownlee
Information Officer - Jeff Brown
Secretary - Mary Stratton

Anyone can run:
Any club member can run for these positions. Nominations are being accepted until November 6th, 2019. If you are interested, please email President Peter Gray at:

How to vote:
​Voting starts on November 9th, 2019. Please email your vote by November 16th to President Peter Gray at:

Annual Meeting:
The annual meeting of the Legation Boules Club will be ​Monday November the 18th at Central Market. All member are free to attend.  

​Officer Duties

Vice President
The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in his or her absence and shall serve as the Parliamentarian of the club.

The Secretary shall keep accurate written records of all business of the club, including regularly scheduled and special called meetings, and all Executive Committee meetings.  The Secretary shall be responsible for all written or electronic communication both within and outside the club including notice of all meetings or events to club members  Minutes of all meetings shall be provided electronically to the membership.

Information Officer
The Information Officer shall be responsible for conducting membership initiatives, and serve as facilitator for issues pertaining to membership and board matters.  The Information Officer shall also maintain the LBC website and club calendar, incorporating all known events of local and regional interest.


Terry Plemons Celebration – October 12, 2019

Terry Plemons Celebration
Everybody is invited to Peter Gray's place for a Terry Plemons "Celebration of Life" event.
  • Saturday October 12, 2019 at 2PM
  • 627 Allen Street
  • It is a potluck event. Please bring some good food to share. (Peter will be serving some yummy BBQ.)
  • ​Later in the day there will be a casual 8-team elimination tournament.
  • ​The tournament may go late into the evening.
  • Questions? Write
​Hope to see you all there!

Pictures from Friday Night Lights

Thanks to Kelly Brownlee for taking all these pictures!

French Legation Construction Update

Report from Ed Priest:

Sept 16, 2019:   Construction is continuing at the French Legation.  Status of the various projects include:

-- Continued reworking of the back gate entrance by the parking lot.  It is really taking shape now.

-- On the Legation itself windows and door have been removed at the back and the old concrete and wooden ramp have been removed. The rotten timbers have been removed from the front porch.  

-- The new steps at the front and side of the building are shaping up with the forms for the foundation footing.

-- Work is continuing on the entrance to the carriage house.  Interior work has also started which includes the restroom.

-- The parking lot is defiantly showing the most head way.  

-- The old brick walkways are being removed making way for the new ADA approved ones.

-- They are trying to save what grass they can during this hot summer with portable sprinklers since the irrigation system is totally dismantled.

​It is good to see how the work is progressing at this time.

 - Ed