Terry Plemons Tournament Pictures and Results

Oh, where to start?

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Terry Plemons Memorial, Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, Fundraising Tournament for the French Legation!

Thanks to the organizers Ed Priest and Gary Ragan for setting up the terrain and for making the tournament run as smooth as silk. I know Pat Giles helped a lot with the terrain. Sorry if I am leaving anyone out. I saw Kathy Ragan doing a lot of work on the computer.

Thanks to all the people who contributed food and beverage for the potluck.

Thanks to all the people who had entertaining costumes.

Thanks to Alex Gouyet for helping us make a cool drone video.


Everyone switched partners for each game, so the winners were determined by how many points they got overall.



1st      Kathy Ragan & Michael Kaufman

2nd    Victor Alanso & Leigh Newsome

3rd     Menzina Churchman & Edward Vassiere


1st      Gibbi Puzon & Christopher Montes

2nd    Jim Schmidt & Jacques Richard

3rd    Alex Gouyet & Stephen Johns


The total of all the funds raised for the French Legation amounted to $950.


Here are the pictures that people sent in. Thank you all for your contributions!