Regular Weekly Events

Here are the  Regular Weekly Events of games throughout the week. Visit the Special Events Calendar to see upcoming tournaments and any other special happenings.

Please Note: The Legation Boules Club only sponsors events at the French Legation. The LBC is not responsible for any other events that take place at other locations. This list is just being provided as a courtesy to the Austin pétanque community. Thank you.

With respect to wearing masks, the position of the LBC is that they are “Optional but recommended” while playing games.

But will anyone be there when I arrive?

Now you can find out with the Austin Pétanque Group! It's a great way to find our when and where people may be playing in real time. Click the link below to find out how to get connected.

Regular Weekly Events

Tuesday Morning at Nelson Ranch Park in Cedar Park

Starting around 9:30 AM.

Wednesday Afternoon at the French Legation

Currently people are playing at the French Legation starting at 1PM. The start time may change as we get into the heat of the summer.

Friday Evening at the Browning Hangar and Nelson Ranch Park

Friday evening at the Browning Hangar is kind of a casual happy hour after a long work week. People arrive as early as 5 PM and as late as 10 PM with players coming and going throughout the evening. Play sometimes goes past midnight. Play at Nelson Ranch Park usually begins around 5PM.

Saturday Morning at the Browning Hangar

Players generally arrive around 9:30AM.

Sunday Morning at Nelson Ranch Park

Play at Nelson Ranch on Sunday morning usually begins around 9AM.

Sunday Afternoon at the Browning Hangar

Normally the Legation Boules Club plays at the French Legation starting around 1 PM. However, due to the closure of the Legation for renovations, the LBC and others play on Sunday at the Browning Hangar starting at 3 PM. The Farmers Market uses the hangar until 2 PM and it is important for pétanque players to not get in the way of the farmers as they work to pack up their stuff. Players are likely to transition back to the French Legation once it is fully reopened.