How Can I Learn to Play Pétanque?

It's easy! You really don't need to know anything in the beginning. The best way to learn is to simply get in a game and follow the advice of your teammates.

Experienced players will always happy to bring you into a game and show you how to play. Don't be shy!

Where do People Play Pétanque?

The Legation Boules Club got its name because the club was started at the Historic French Legation in Austin, Texas. The French Legation will always be the home of the Legation Boules Club, but recently the Legation has been closed for a renovation that is just about complete.

Where players gather each week

Tournaments and other happenings

Any time you are visiting the French Legation or the Browning Hangar and come across a game in progress, feel free to ask if you can join in and give it a try. Players will be happy to let you borrow some boules and show you how to get started. 

What equipment do I need?

Hardly anything! Pétanque is played with special balls called boules. Someone will always be happy to let you borrow a set of boules to play your first few games.

Where can I buy pétanque equipment?

There is one main place to buy pétanque equipment in the USA called Pétanque America. You can also find so-called "leisure boules" that are fine for beginners on Amazon and ebay.  

Note: Pétanque boules come in a range of different diameters and weights. If you plan to buy your own boules it's a really good idea to experiment with different sizes before you make your purchase.

Most players will be happy to let you experiment with a variety of different size boules and experienced players will be happy to advise you on which boules will be right for you.

What if I am not very athletic?

Don't worry, as long as you can throw a ball you are welcome to play. And you might play better than you imagine!

What if I don't know the rules?

The rules are really pretty simple, so you can just learn as you go when you follow along with your teammates. So don't worry about the rules in the beginning. In time, if you want to get a little more serious about the game you can refer to this collection of pétanque rules.

Excellent Pétanque Training Video!

This video covers all the basics of how to play pétanque! If you really want to learn how to play the game, watch it ten times, because it's just that good! 

Thank You to Pétanque England for producing it and making it available on YouTube.

[Click the Full Screen option in the bottom right corner to enlarge the video once it starts playing.]