Browning Hangar Closing?

Browning Hangar Development


The Browning Hangar may be sold to developers soon!

Click on the link below to find out more!

Normally when the LBC has a tournament at the Browning Hangar we are able to submit a request to reserve the space unless someone else has already reserved it.

Recently, when the LBC asked to reserve the hangar for the Spring Tournament in April we were told that they were no longer taking reservations, and that sometime this year, the hangar would be closed to the public for construction.

Unfortunately, we don't have any details on exactly what is going to happen or when the hangar will be closed, however we have been able to find some plans proposed by the real estate developers.

The plans posted on the Internet indicate that the food trucks would be eliminated and replaced with parking spaces. The open space inside the hangar would be replaced with a restaurant,  a stage and seating - apparently eliminating any space for pétanque.

What can we do, if anything? That's what several of us are working to sort out, but no matter what, the prognosis for pétanque at the hangar appears to be grim.

We don't have any official facts, but "someone who knows someone" believes that construction could start as soon as 30 days from now.

The Jim Schwobel Wake

The people planning to have a gathering to celebrate the life of Jim Schwobel have chosen Sunday, June 11 to get together - hopefully at the hangar.

We checked with the people who take the reservations and learned that no other organizations already have the hangar reserved on that date.

That means we should be free to have the gathering for Jim at the hangar, similar to a typical Sunday afternoon, without making a reservation, as long it hasn't been closed for construction.

Sorry, that we don't have any more details for you at this point, but we will let you know as soon as possible if we get more information on what's happening with the hangar and plans for the gathering for Jim .

Tour of Market in Annot

Marion Bermondy Buying Cheese

Here's a little tour of the market that comes to Annot every Tuesday.

It's right beside the pétanque terrain in the middle of the village.

A great place to get the fresh stuff you need for the week.

The honey they have here is incredibly good.

July 4th at the French Legation

Looks like the French Legation will be open on Tuesday the 4th of July!

Gates open at 10 AM.

Wear you red, white and blue or le bleu, blanc et rouge!

Not only is it a Free Country, it's Free Parking on the 4th!

Hope to see you there.

Jim Schwobel Memorial – Sunday, June 11, 2023

A Wake for Jim Schwobel

Friends, family and all kids are invited to a wake in celebration of his life that includes live music and pétanque – his two passions.

Sunday, June 11th, 2023 starting at 2PM

Browning Hangar

Mueller Lake Park

4550 Mueller Blvd.

Austin TX, 78723 

Inside the Browning Hangar

It’s a come and go, casual celebration and potluck.

Join us when you can and enjoy live band music, snacks and drinks.

You can give the game of petanque a try with Jim’s friends that play the sport daily.

Casual, cool attire encouraged.

Please bring a folding or camping chair and a reusable drinking cup if possible.

There will be an open invitation for sharing favorite stories of Jim “Tex” with everyone from 2:30-3:30pm.  

Jim had many friends, and not all of them are on our email list, so please spread the word to other folks who may not be pétanque players.

You can bookmark this page for the most recent updates.

What to Bring?

Pétanque players should consider this similar to any other of our tournaments and potlucks. Please bring your chairs, tables, coolers, water, ice, etc. You know the routine! Bring your favorite foods and snacks to share.

Questions or Suggestions?

Contact Michelle at 512-636-6082

Approximate Timeline:

12:45 to 1:45pm -  Setup time

Michelle and family members and others plan to arrive to start setting up tables for food & drink, along with some of Jim's memory items (photos, trophies, etc.)

1:50 to 2:30pm - Activities and Music

Live Band Music, Pétanque games, Food & Drink available for self service

2:30 to 3:30pm - Jim Story Time

Michelle (Jim's cousin) gives a welcome speech. People get to tell some of their favorite Jim stories. (Get ready to tell your own story!)

3:30 to 4:25pm - More Activities

More Live Band Music, Pétanque games, Food & Drink available for self service

4:30pm - Conclusion Formal Event

We all pitch in to clean up the space. Pétanque games are likely to go on for a while.

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Jim's Story

Jim “Tex” Schwobel

Jim “Tex” was born June 11, 1946 in New York City. He passed away on December 5th, 2021 in Austin, Texas, USA from a short battle with terminal cancer. He lived most of his life in his beloved Austin, Texas and was always planning his next travel vacation abroad.

He learned to swim in the big pool at Shipe Park, had his first date to a dance at Hancock Center, learned to water ski on Lake Austin and first sailed his wooden Sunfish on Town Lake before it was named “Lady Bird Lake”. Some of his fondest child-hood memories were spent at his grandparents’ farm near Eldorado, Texas where he learned to drive a tractor and car at the age of 9.

He graduated from McCallum High School in 1965 and received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Texas at Austin in 1977, making the Dean’s List and receiving the French Department’s “Diplome d’honneur” that same year.

One of his fondest adventures and learning experiences in life was purchasing a share of a sailboat in France and sailing the Cote d’Azure/Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 1975. He lived and attended universities during the next year in Toulouse, France and Konstanz, West Germany. It was during that year that he also learned to snow ski – a sport he enjoyed for many years after returning to the United States. While living in Toulouse, he played tuba in the Old Time Jazz Band.

In 1972, he started his professional career in the computer industry with Hycel, Inc., a Fortune 500 company in Houston, Texas. He began working for the Texas Department of Human Services in 1977 from where he retired in 2002 at the age of 55. During those 25 years, he was fortunate to work on the leading edge of the computer revolution with a great team of people who were not only co-workers but great friends. He considered his major accomplishment managing the Year 2000 End-user Computing Project during the 5 years before retirement.

He sailed on Lake Travis throughout the 1980’s, at one time serving as Vice-Commodore of the Lake Travis Cruising Association. His love of sailing was the catalyst for his purchasing and becoming the CEO of the Corpus Christi Sailing Center, Inc. in 1990. As a licensed US Coast Guard Captain (Master’s 50-ton) and Certified American Sailing Association instructor, he realized success as an entrepreneur with his company which he sold in 2002.

Starting in the 1970s, and continuing until his death, he made many trips to Europe, primarily France, England and Iceland, where he would spend months with friends from various cultures, visiting iconic sites and discovering unique places. He was particularly involved with the French game of pétanque and was Vice- President of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club in Austin, where he established a “twinning” between the 2,000members of Federation Petanque USA and the Jules le Noir Association, the birthplace of pétanque, and located in La Ciotat, France.

He also enjoyed traveling to Belize, Central America where he would spend weeks sailing and snorkeling along the world’s 2nd longest barrier reef. Upon his retirement, he once again picked up the tuba/sousaphone that he had played from Junior High School through college in the UT Longhorn Band. He was a member of the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, serving as Vice-President and Webmaster in 2003. He also played in the New Horizons Band, the Wurst Band, Longhorn Alumni Band and the Chaparral Dixielanders. In 2005, he formed the New Austin Polka Band. He enjoyed his many friends in these bands and especially enjoyed finding gigs and making music with them.

Review the 2023 LBC Spring Tournament

Great turnout, great day.  But at the end, it was:

1st place:  Victor Alonso & Peter Gray

2nd place:  Brigitte Rouault (San Antonio) & Ron Ragsdale

3rd place:  Jeff Brown & Jeffrey Locke (San Antonio)

4th place:  Mercedes Franco & Stephen Johns (San Antonio)

5th place:  Rudy Vallee % Alain Braux

6th place:  Carolyn Cornell & Edward Vaissiere

 Congratulations to all.  Food was exceptional as usual (a true oxymoron, certainly).  A special thanks to all of our non-Austin players who made this day particularly memorable.  Safe travels and hope you play with us again in the fall.

News from Nelson Ranch Pétanque Club

A Message from Christophe at Nelson Ranch:

Howdy members—

Welcome to the 2023 season of Nelson Ranch Petanque Club. As winter starts to wind down (we hope), the club has completed the FPUSA renewals process and all club members are now registered. NRPC has also started to plan its events for 2023, starting with hosting La Chandeleur & holding its first competition of the year in mid March. More on those events later.

First, a little club news:

This year, we are at 42 members plus 3 associate members. This keeps our numbers the same as last year. We lost 5 members, but gained 5 new members. Such is life…  So let’s give a big welcome to new members: Ron Weiss, Adelaida Caldas, Ron Ragsdale, Theo Sicard & welcome back to Jan Wilson. Thanks for supporting petanque & NRPC. We should all be receiving our licenses from the federation in a month or so. We’ll distribute them when we receive them… The FPUSA held its elections this past Nov. leading to a new Vice President: Kirk Edwards from Carolina Petanque. Kirk is a really good choice for the job, as he is very dedicated to our sport. His son Parker has played with our member Amadeus Alejandro in the Junior World Championships held in Cambodia in 2019. I noticed during the election that our region (Central) has a vacant seat for regional councilor. If anyone is interested in getting more involved with the FPUSA, this board member position is a good way to start. Let me know if you wanna volunteer!

La Chandeleur is a French holiday in February that is traditionally celebrated by eating crepes. Each year, the Austin petanque clubs & the Alliance Francais of Austin celebrate by gathering for crepes, cider & petanque. Usually, it is earlier in the month, (Feb. 2 to be exact), however, this year’s ice storm postponed the planned festivities while the city cleaned up the mess. It has now been rescheduled for Feb. 26 at the Nelson Ranch petanque courts & pavilion. The address is 905 Nelson Ranch Road. Open petanque play starting at 11 AM. Crepes served at 2:30 PM. You should receive a separate email announcement with further details. Hope to see a big turnout for the year’s first event! If the weather turns for the worse, we will reschedule…again.

The first tournament of the year will be The NRPC Spring Select Doubles on Sunday March 19 2023. For this tournament, you need to find your own partner to team up. For new players, finding a teammate can be challenging, however, the best way I have found to approach this is to start asking around the courts now & see who’s interested or available. Usually, someone will fit the bill… I will send out an official sign up announcement via email in a couple of weeks. Once you have your teammate, follow the instructions in that email to register. Details of the event will be in that email as well. The tournament will be limited to 20 teams, which should accommodate most of our interested club members. NRPC members get priority, with any remaining slots open to non club members.  Our goal is to have a fun, competitive event. Hope to see you all there!

And in other tournament news, there are several national events coming up in the spring including the Men’s Singles/Doubles World Championship Qualifier on March 4, The Women’s Singles/Doubles World Championship Qualifier on May 6, and the Men’s Triples World Championship Qualifier on May 20.  More info on these events at the FPUSA website.
There are also many open tournaments coming up this spring: Sonoma Wine Country Open April 22, Atlanta Spring Doubles on May 6, Las Vegas Openon May 13, & a 5 event Memorial Day weekend from Zanesfield Petanque Club. You can find more info about these events on their club websites. In addition to these, FPUSA Vice President Kirk Edwards is organizing a group visit to La Ciotat, France, birthplace of petanque July 8th. This can also include playing in the world famous La Marseillaise tournament! Former Austin petanque player Jim Schwobel helped get this event started several years back, and now Kirk is helping to keep the tradition going. If you are interested in this event, contact Kirk directly:

Well, that’s all the news for now. I will attach a few of the event flyers we have received recently. Stay tuned for more petanque news and info as we get the 2023 season underway. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Christophe Chambers

Secretary NRPC

Thank You for the Update Christophe!

La Chandeleur – February 26, 2023

Message from Gary at the NRPC

La Chandeleur at NRPC pavilion.

Date changed to February 26!

This is a jointly hosted event with LBC and the Alliance Française of Austin.

The original plan was to hold this at the French Legation, but because of other conflicts, we will hold the event at NRPC which is fine.

We plan to break for crepes around 2:30 PM, with open pétanque play before and after. 

Attendees are asked to bring a filling for the crepes (either sweet or savory).

If you can help out by making some crepes, please email me or Kathy.


And you are welcome to bring some wine or cidre to accompany the crepes.

This has been well attended and a good time for all, and we expect the same this year.

Hope to see y’all there.

LBC Annual Meeting 2022

The LBC annual meeting was held at outdoors Central Market (North) this year. The weather was perfect, we had yummy food and the meeting was productive!

The current number of members is 51 and the club is in good shape financially. (Don't forget to pay your dues if you haven't already. Only $20 bucks. Just give it to any club officer you see on the terrain.)

2022 Elections

The new officers, who ran uncontested and will begin their terms in January 2023, are:

President – ED Priest
Vice President – Peter Gray
Treasurer – Patti Shook

Go Team!

Holiday Party 2022

Kathy and Gary Ragan announced that they would be hosting the LBC Holiday Party again this year for LBC members. Thank you!

Click the button below below for details.

Looking forward to another great year of pétanque!