Museum Day at the French Legation

Scenes from Sunday at the Legation

Marion Bermondy is headed off for a month in France soon.

She wanted to show her family where we play pétanque so she made this little video of the Legation Boules Club in action on Museum Day at the French Legation. 

Now Marion's family will know the kind of people she associates with.

Chris Smith – Heart Surgery

One of our players, Chris Smith, will be undergoing heart surgery August 31st.

Chris, the BIG guy who always wears black (now blue, but whatever) is going in for an ablation surgery. It is supposed to be routine and easy, but he is still stressed out about it.

All his needs are currently being taken care of by family.

Just knowing you are thinking about him is more than enough.

Portland Tournament Pictures

A bunch of pictures from the 2021 Portland Tournament!

Texas Women Advance to Concours!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy

Texas Women in the Top Eight!

Two teams with Texas players have advanced to the final concours at the Portland national pétanque tournament of 2021!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy, representing the women for the Nelson Ranch Pétanque Club of Cedar Park, have advanced to the final eight teams who will compete on Sunday!

Also advancing to the concours is the team of Jean-Marie Browning and Liza. (Sorry, no picture available.)

Good luck to the Texas women! They are up against some of the toughest competition in the country.

Saturday Rankings for Women

Texas Men

The team of Alain Braux and Edward Vassiere managed to win two of five games.

More details as we get them....

Leave your comments below!

Special Guest Arielle Irvin for Bastille Day Celebration

Several of you new players may not have had the privilege to get to know a really great guy named Patrick Irvin.

Unfortunately, Patrick passed away in late 2020, but he will be remembered by those of us who knew him as one of the nicest people you would ever want to play pétanque with.

During our Bastille Day Celebration at the French Legation, I am happy to announce that we will be joined by Patrick's lovely daughter, Arielle.

My whole life pétanque held a special place in my father’s heart. There was never a time he was without his pétanque balls. They went everywhere with him. He cherished his time playing and thoroughly enjoyed the game. He even got me playing when I was little! It was also something he and my brother shared a love of. I’m glad he found a community in Austin that loved it as much as he did.

Arielle Irvin ‧ Patrick's Daughter

I know Arielle is eager to meet Patrick's pétanque-playing buddies on Saturday. Maybe you can tell her one of you favorite stories about Patrick. I'm sure she would like that.

Bastille Day Celebration at the French Legation

Saturday, July 10 from 11AM to 3PM

Bastille Day at the Texas Winery

The French-American Chamber of Commerce is having a Bastille Day celebration at the Austin Winery on July 14 - the actual Bastille Day - from 6PM to 9PM. Click the button below for all the details.

Remember, the Bastille Day event at the French Legation is on July 10, the Saturday before.

Bastille Day at the Winery