LBC Members

Peter Gray - President

Peter has been LBC President since January 2019.

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced
Personal background: I have been playing pétanque for more than 10 years.
What I like about pétanque: Most of all I enjoy the camaraderie and competition during casual games and tournaments.
Tips for new players: Just throw the ball, you have to start somewhere!

Kelly Brownlee - Vice President

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced
Personal background: I love playing precision sports (billiards, darts, table tennis). Pétanque has helped me tremendously not only with a new challenging sport, but in making new friends.
What I like about pétanque: I love the social aspect the most. All the players are fun to be around, and we have four French chefs who play with us and bring the most delicious food and drink.
Tips for new players: Keep an open mind. Just come and try it out to see if you like it. It will cost you nothing to try and you might just find yourself really enjoying a new game with new people.

Gary Ragan - Tournament Director

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced player - New Umpire

Mary Stratton - Secretary

Position: Pointer and beginning Shooter
Experience: Experienced
Personal background: I have been playing pétanque for about 7 years. I met my boyfriend at the French Legation!
What I like about pétanque: Seeing friends and playing friendly games of pétanque.
Tips for new players: Join us an have fun! 

Ed Priest - Treasurer

I first encountered the game of pétanque on a walking tour of Provence in 2000.  It looked like a fun game, but I could not understand how it was played.  I bought some boules at the Paris flea market.  Wanting to learn the game, I finally found a group playing pétanque at the French 

Legation.  Since that time I have been trying to master it.

Jeff Brown - Information

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced Player- New Umpire
Personal background: I am a sculptor who has a lot of experience working with all kinds of tools. So much so, in fact, that many people say I actually am a real tool. That's quite I compliment, I think.
What I like about pétanque: I like being outside. I enjoy forgetting about anything I should be concerned about. With other sports, competition tends to breed camaraderie among teammates but animosity between opponents. In pétanque, that doesn't happen because players play with, and against, each other over and over.
Tips for new players: New players tend to try too hard. Relax and let it flow.

Al Favela

Alain Braux

Position: Pointer and mediocre shooter
Experience: Intermediate
Personal background: Retired chef; rideshare driver and many other hats.
What I like about pétanque: It relaxes me (sometimes) and keeps me social when I feel like hiding in my cave. I love the camaraderie.
Tips for new players: Like any other skills, stick with it and you will learn the tricks of the game.

Alain Deroulette

We've been playing pétanque in Austin for around 2 1/2 years . I am very happy to have found  this group of good peoples and sharing my passion with my son Forrest . 

Amine Najah

Arthur Laquette

Brad Carlson

Carl Deforest

Carolyn Cornell

Position: Pointer
Experience: Experienced
Personal background: I live in Austin across the street from the French Legation
What I like about pétanque: Everything! Friendly people, good sports, great food and fun!
Tips for new players: Keep on playing and ask for help.

Chris Smith

Christophe Chambers

Christopher Montes

David Bintliff

David True

Position: Pointer
Experience: Newbie
Personal background: I have been playing pétanque at parties for a couple years and want to play more.
What I like about pétanque: I like the people, the French connection and the activity. 
Tips for new players:  Don’t drop the balls on your toes.

Don Jansky

Earl Lovell

Edward Vassiere

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: About one year
Personal background: Retired from the US Army after 24 years. Currently employed as Shelf Edge Specialist at HEB. Outdoor sports person. I enjoy watersports, camping, hiking, and sharing with friends.
What I like about pétanque: Pétanque is great precision sport. Challenge yourself! Builds team spirit. Meet new people. Social outlet from daily work. Pétanque can take you to new levels of competition.
Tips for new players: Everyone began somewhere. Even good players have off days. Relax, take your time, challenge yourself. It's fun to win!

Felipe Cardona

Fernando Posada

Forrest Deroulette

Fred Peterson

Gayla Slikas

Hal Strickland

Position:  Neither/Both
Experience: Intermediate
Personal background: Retiring plumber
What I like about pétanque: Camaraderie, winning!
Tips for new players: Do what Jeff tells you! 

Hasu Patel

Position:  All Positions
Experience: Vast
Personal background: Entrepreneur, Adventurer
What I like about pétanque: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Tips for new players: You can be a winner playing pétanque even when you lose.

Jacques Richard

Jan Marie Wilson

Jim Schmidt

Position: Pointer
Experience: Intermediate
Personal background: Retired nurse.
What I like about pétanque: My interest in petanque started when I worked at the French Legation Museum. I saw how much fun the people there were having. I started playing with them when I wasn't working. Now I can have fun, get exercise, and eat great food while being with some of the best people in the world.
Tips for new players: Relax!

Jim Schwobel

Joel Kenty

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: I’ve been playing for approximately five years.
Personal background: I am originally from Canada but I have also lived in France and I have been in Texas for over 30 years.
What I like about pétanque: It’s easy on the body!!  I have been fairly active my whole life and my joints are starting to pay the price!  Pétanque is a game that you can not only enjoy, but excel at, well into your later years.
Tips for new players: It’s super-easy to pick up the game and get decent at it in a fairly short period of time. The longer you play, the better you will understand the strategy.

Joel Longstreth

I like playing pétanque because it gets my mind off business. I make friends and get to hang out with French people. That helps me keep my French language skills limbered up!

Johnny Burns

Kathy Ragan

Kim Lanzillotti

Leigh Newsome

Mamy Ranaivoson

Position: Pointer, Middler or Shooter
Experience: I played Petanque since I was a teenager.
Personal background: I am originally from Madagascar. I just moved in at the beginning of March 2021 to Austin.

Marie-Claude Briswalder

Marion Bermondy

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Intermediate
Personal background: My dad taught me when I was 10 or 11 years old. Didn't play for about 35 years. And here I am... hooked for life!
What I like about pétanque: The more you play, the more you learn. But if you know the basics, it's enough to have fun. A lot of fun!
Tips for new players: Don't get intimidated by anyone. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while to get up to speed. Just have fun learning!

Margaret Kenty

Menzina Churchman

Michael Plemons

Nora Redfern

Olivier Simondet

Pat Giles

Patti Shook

Rachel Amisse

Rudy Vallee

Sandy Boone

Sandra Longstreeth

Susan Whyne

Stephen Johns

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced player - New Umpire

Thiery Amisse

Position: Pointer and Shooter
Experience: Experienced player - New Umpire - Second best pétanque teacher in Austin

Tina Currie

Tommy Woods

Victor Alanso

Walt and Estefania

Walt and "Stefie" operate the London branch of the Legation Boules Club.

Louna, Eléa and Cloé

Also know as "The French Girls" or "The Girlitas" this trio of petanque players from France are no longer with us in Austin. We all miss them. Until they can return, we will consider them honorary members of the LBC.