Nova Scotia Pétanque 2024!

Our friends in Nova Scotia have decided that they just don't have all the people they need to sponsor a big pétanque tournament. Therefor they have decided to cancel the 2024 tournament.

The big Congrés mondial acadien will still be taking place as planed, and there will still be plenty of opportunity to play pétanque, just no official tournament.

Big Event in Nova Scotia!

Did you know that Boule Acadienne Club is planning to have a pétanque event in Nova Scotia that will correspond with the Congrés mondial acadien from August 10th to 18th in the year 2024?

It looks like it will be a great event. Our club founder, Ed Priest, and his wife say that they already plan to be there!

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Boule Acadienne Club!

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Here are some pictures of Belliveaus Cove, Nova Scotia in the winter. Brrrr!

Click on the map below to see where the Boule Acadienne Club is located in Nova Scotia.

It looks like a nice place!

Are You Going?

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LBC Holiday Party Pictures 2021

Thanks again to Gary and Kathy for putting on a fantastic party!

Jim Schwobel Passes

Sunday December 5, 2021

I am sorry to report that our friend Jim Schwobel passed away this morning.

Menzina Churchman went to visit him Saturday and he was very subdued, and when she went to see him around noon today he had passed away.

I just got a note from his cousin Michelle Connor who was with him last night. She says he did not suffer and passed away peacefully.

There will be more news about a celebration for Jim at the hangar with his pétanque buddies and his band friends.

Please do not mention this on FaceBook because not all the family has been notified yet.

So sorry to lose one of our best friends.

- Jeff

Terry Plemons Tournament Pictures and Results

Oh, where to start?

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Terry Plemons Memorial, Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, Fundraising Tournament for the French Legation!

Thanks to the organizers Ed Priest and Gary Ragan for setting up the terrain and for making the tournament run as smooth as silk. I know Pat Giles helped a lot with the terrain. Sorry if I am leaving anyone out. I saw Kathy Ragan doing a lot of work on the computer.

Thanks to all the people who contributed food and beverage for the potluck.

Thanks to all the people who had entertaining costumes.

Thanks to Alex Gouyet for helping us make a cool drone video.


Everyone switched partners for each game, so the winners were determined by how many points they got overall.



1st      Kathy Ragan & Michael Kaufman

2nd    Victor Alanso & Leigh Newsome

3rd     Menzina Churchman & Edward Vassiere


1st      Gibbi Puzon & Christopher Montes

2nd    Jim Schmidt & Jacques Richard

3rd    Alex Gouyet & Stephen Johns


The total of all the funds raised for the French Legation amounted to $950.


Here are the pictures that people sent in. Thank you all for your contributions!

Thank You Jim Schwobel

Jim Donates His Wine Collection

Recently, Jim Schwobel decided to donate his collection of wine and spirits to his friends.

We, at the Legation Boules Club, are doing our best to make sure everyone gets to have some of it!

Every weekend we plan to sample another bottle.

Here we are, at the Terry Plemons Memorial Tournament on Halloween day having a taste of one of the bottles of red wine.

Thanks again to Jim and special thanks to Alex Gouyet for making this cool drone video!

Museum Day at the French Legation

Scenes from Sunday at the Legation

Marion Bermondy is headed off for a month in France soon.

She wanted to show her family where we play pétanque so she made this little video of the Legation Boules Club in action on Museum Day at the French Legation. 

Now Marion's family will know the kind of people she associates with.

Chris Smith – Heart Surgery

One of our players, Chris Smith, will be undergoing heart surgery August 31st.

Chris, the BIG guy who always wears black (now blue, but whatever) is going in for an ablation surgery. It is supposed to be routine and easy, but he is still stressed out about it.

All his needs are currently being taken care of by family.

Just knowing you are thinking about him is more than enough.

Texas Women Advance to Concours!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy

Texas Women in the Top Eight!

Two teams with Texas players have advanced to the final concours at the Portland national pétanque tournament of 2021!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy, representing the women for the Nelson Ranch Pétanque Club of Cedar Park, have advanced to the final eight teams who will compete on Sunday!

Also advancing to the concours is the team of Jean-Marie Browning and Liza. (Sorry, no picture available.)

Good luck to the Texas women! They are up against some of the toughest competition in the country.

Saturday Rankings for Women

Texas Men

The team of Alain Braux and Edward Vassiere managed to win two of five games.

More details as we get them....

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