Browning Hangar Closing?

Browning Hangar Development


The Browning Hangar may be sold to developers soon!

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Normally when the LBC has a tournament at the Browning Hangar we are able to submit a request to reserve the space unless someone else has already reserved it.

Recently, when the LBC asked to reserve the hangar for the Spring Tournament in April we were told that they were no longer taking reservations, and that sometime this year, the hangar would be closed to the public for construction.

Unfortunately, we don't have any details on exactly what is going to happen or when the hangar will be closed, however we have been able to find some plans proposed by the real estate developers.

The plans posted on the Internet indicate that the food trucks would be eliminated and replaced with parking spaces. The open space inside the hangar would be replaced with a restaurant,  a stage and seating - apparently eliminating any space for pétanque.

What can we do, if anything? That's what several of us are working to sort out, but no matter what, the prognosis for pétanque at the hangar appears to be grim.

We don't have any official facts, but "someone who knows someone" believes that construction could start as soon as 30 days from now.

The Jim Schwobel Wake

The people planning to have a gathering to celebrate the life of Jim Schwobel have chosen Sunday, June 11 to get together - hopefully at the hangar.

We checked with the people who take the reservations and learned that no other organizations already have the hangar reserved on that date.

That means we should be free to have the gathering for Jim at the hangar, similar to a typical Sunday afternoon, without making a reservation, as long it hasn't been closed for construction.

Sorry, that we don't have any more details for you at this point, but we will let you know as soon as possible if we get more information on what's happening with the hangar and plans for the gathering for Jim .