French Legation Update May 7, 2020

​Ed Priest has an update on the French Legation:


The work on the French Legation is progressing, but July completion is doubtful.  The project is being delayed by the modifications to the carriage house.  This addition will include a small kitchen which will be providing a light lunch menu and drinks.

The addition will include three restrooms, a storage room, and a maintenance office.  Excavation for the addition is now under way.

The parking lot is completed and landscape installed.

The new stone work at the Embassy Road entrance is complete with new gates installed.

The new brick walkway is almost completed.

Work is continuing on the interior of the Legation.

Work on replacing the three pane windows has started.  To make the building more historically accurate, four pane windows will be used.

The Legation’s interior will not be furnished.  Instead, it will include a display about the history of the building at the time it was constructed.  There will also be other historical displays.

LBC is looking forward to holding our 2nd Terry Plemons Tournament benefiting the French Legation.

This Carousel Tournament is scheduled to be held on the grounds of the French Legation on Sunday November 1st.  Construction of the French Legation should be completed at this time,  and hopefully the Cornavirus will be behind us.  So start saving the date, Sunday November 1st.  We can see a tournament on the horizon.