Dallas Tournament?

​Message from Menzina Churchman

of the Dallas Pétanque Club:

(And the Legation Boules Club)

"Because of these sad times of being unsure when we can officially return to playing our beloved game of pétanque, I have a proposal...

To get the boule rolling, on behalf of Dallas Pétanque Club, I would like to invite all players from San Antonio and Austin, to Dallas for a Texas showdown on October 18, 2020!

If successful, it would become an annual event.

​Players can email me directly at menzina1@earthlink.net

I will make a list and to reply to those who are interested with final details.

​I trust all is well with everyone and I look forward to seeing y’all sooner rather than later.

Take care, stay safe - but mostly - have fun!"

 - Menzina     


​That sounds like a fine idea Menzina. Hopefully, by then we will have this virus thing under control Thank you very much!

​Contact Menzina by clicking the link above.

Feel free to leave comments below.

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