The LBC Newsletter

​Until now the LBC has been using regular email to communicate with club members. That was okay as long as the number of members was relatively small. As the membership has grown we now need to switch to what is known as an "opt-in" mailing list, also known as the LBC Newsletter.

All LBC members have been automatically subscribed to the LBC Newsletter and this is the way all the "official communications" of the LBC will be broadcast. Anyone, whether they are LBC members or not, is welcome to subscribe to the LBC newsletter.

The Austin Petanque WhatsApp Group
​The Austin Petanque WhatsApp Group makes it easy for anyone to communicate with all the other petanque players in the group. Anyone is welcome to join. When you have a message that you want to send out to the whole group, you can feel free to post something like "Does anyone want to play at the hangar on Saturday?" as long as it makes sense for everyone to get the message.

If you have a message, or a response to a message, that does not need to go out to the whole group it is important that you just send​ it to the one person who needs to get it. This is also easy to do in WhatsApp.

​If you have WhatsApp on your device it's easy to join the Austin Pétanque Group by going to the Contact Page and clicking the link.