Portland Tournament Pictures

A bunch of pictures from the 2021 Portland Tournament!

Bastille Day at the Texas Winery

The French-American Chamber of Commerce is having a Bastille Day celebration at the Austin Winery on July 14 - the actual Bastille Day - from 6PM to 9PM. Click the button below for all the details.

Remember, the Bastille Day event at the French Legation is on July 10, the Saturday before.

Bastille Day at the Winery

Pétanque in Nova Scotia!

New Pétanque Club in Nova Scotia!


The Boule acadienne now has a five-member committee formed during its first meeting on October 20, 2020: One president, one vice-president, one treasurer, and two directors. While waiting for a first General Assembly, which should be take place before the end of this year, the new office ratified the official and legal declaration of the "Boule acadienne Association" to the Provincial.

The official club logo has been unanimously approved  by the five members present. It will be included in all of our publications as soon as technically possible.

THE 2021 MEMBER REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN to anyone from our community of CLARE and surrounding locations. Francophones or anglophones from adolescence to "silver-hair" age can join.

Pétanque (cousin of Bocce) is a festive and friendly boule sport suitable for everyone.

IT IS VERY SIMPLE TO REGISTER: Contact our administration by email: labouleacadienne@gmail.com

We will tell you what to do next.

Welcome to the Boule acadienne! Long live our pétanque club ...


La boule Acadienne a désormais un bureau constitué lors de sa 1ere réunion du 20 octobre 2020, de 5 membres:1 Pdt, 1 vice-Pdt Stre, 1 Trésorier et 2 Directeurs...En attendant une première AG qui devrait s'établir avant la fin de cette année, le nouveau bureau a entériné la déclaration officielle et légale de "la boule Acadienne Association " au Provinciale.

A l'unanimité des 5 membres présents, le logo officiel du club a été accepté... Lorsque techniquement ce sera possible,  Il sera désormais appliqué à l'ensemble de nos publications...

En prévision de la saison 2021, LES INSCRIPTIONS au titre de membres SONT OUVERTES à toute personne de notre communauté de CLARE et des alentours... Francophones ou Anglophones, de l'adolescence à l'âge des cheveux blancs, la pétanque (cousine du Bocce) est un sport de boules festif et conviviale qui convient à tous...

POUR S'INSCRIRE, C'EST TRÈS SIMPLE: prenez contact avec notre secrétariat au travers de notre courriel: labouleacadienne@gmail.com

Nous vous indiquerons la marche à suivre.

Bienvenue à la boule Acadienne et  Longue vie à notre club de pétanque...


New Search Feature

​Ever find yourself struggling to find some information on the LBC website?

Well now the home page has a cool new SEARCH feature that will instantly find anything on any of the Pages or Posts!

This feature is available on the Home/About page.

And don't forget, if you are looking through all your old emails for something that was in any of the LBC Newsletters, you can always go to the Newsletter Archive to see a list of all the newsletters that have even been sent!

Just look in the top menu on every page!


Another New Member – Jim Schwobel

Good News! The LBC has another new member - Jim Schwobel!

Please join in to welcome the LBC's newest member, Jim Schwobel!

Jim is a great guy with a lot of experience playing pétanque. He is also very enthusiastic  about teaching new players all about the game and showing them how to play.

The LBC is certainly a better club with Jim onboard!

Jim, and anyone else, can get up to speed with the LBC by reviewing the LBC blog posts and the LBC Newsletter Archive.

See you on the terrain!