Thank You Bert!

The Legation Boules Club has one very special Honorary Member - Bert Piboin.

Bert is special because he comes to pétanque events - yet never picks up a boule!

Hows Come?


Well, Bert is a ​francophile. He likes all things French. The food, the wine, the French countryside... he can't get enough.

​Marion and Bert doing the hygi​​​​​enic "Fanny" greeting.

Bert is also a loyal member of the Alliance Française ​of Austin. That means he supports the Alliance, just like the LBC, every second and fourth Sunday of the month by always showing up with a great ​offering of wine and other French delicacies wherever we are playing pétanque.

It's amazing how generous he is!​

So last Sunday, in appreciation for all that he does for us, the LBC managed to present Bert with a hefty ​gift certificate ​redeemable at his favorite store in the whole wide world - the Austin Wine Merchants. ​

​We in the LBC ​are very fortunate to have Bert in our community. ​

Thank You Bert!

  • welcome bert, your are the best generous guy with your pate and cheese, merci to show the example in LBC club.

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