Texas Women Advance to Concours!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy

Texas Women in the Top Eight!

Two teams with Texas players have advanced to the final concours at the Portland national pétanque tournament of 2021!

Kelly Brownlee and Marion Bermondy, representing the women for the Nelson Ranch Pétanque Club of Cedar Park, have advanced to the final eight teams who will compete on Sunday!

Also advancing to the concours is the team of Jean-Marie Browning and Liza. (Sorry, no picture available.)

Good luck to the Texas women! They are up against some of the toughest competition in the country.

Saturday Rankings for Women

Texas Men

The team of Alain Braux and Edward Vassiere managed to win two of five games.

More details as we get them....

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  • Congratulations to all the women who are in the top eight. A very competitive field that we know can change with a “stone on the ground “ sometimes. Best of play to all involved!! You are above “luck”!!

  • Marion and Kelly – great work – go get them Sunday!!! Marion, Just like the Annot-Austin tournament – you will coming storming home!! Cheers from Oz

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