Terry Plemons Memorial Tournament – Results

Our Terry Plemons Memorial / Dia de Los Muertos Tournament was an event to remember all of those those pétanque players who have passed on.

​Sadly, this year our friend Terry Plemons was added to that list.


We were blessed with wonderful weather and a field of 32 energetic players competing in a carousel tournament - where pointers were matched with shooters and partners changed each game.

This tournament is our yearly fundraiser for the French Légation and this year $600 was raised in Terry's honor.

We had a wonderful day of pétanque with thanks to the Nelson Ranch Club for letting us use their wonderful courts.

Terry was a focus all day, in our thoughts, on the plaque, the medals and even the cake.

Viva Terry!!!

A special thanks goes out to Kathy Ragan who designed the tournament poster and medal inserts.

​Tournament Results


1st Place - Marion Bermondy & Menzina Churchman (Dallas Club)

2nd Place - Amine Najah & Nolan Cheetham (Missouri)

3rd Place - Rudy Vallee & Cristopher Juarez (1st petanque tournament).


1st Place - Anthony Alejandro & Pat Giles

2nd Place - Jeff Brown & Mary Stratton

3rd Place - Stephen Johns & David Bintliff

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​Another Batch of Pictures

  • I forgot to turn on the “Allow Comments” feature when I posted this. In the meantime, I got a message from Walt Elder in London who said, “Thanks for sending. What a good event. So sorry I’m not there for that.” I sure wish Walt and Stefie were here too!

  • Very thankful for the Terry Plemons Tournament! I know this means so much to Bird/Michael! Looks like a beautiful day of special fun!

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