New Pavilion for the Farmer’s Market

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The following is a message from Jim Schwobel:

​Howdy LBC,

I thought the LBC would be interested in what the latest Mueller newsletter is saying about the Farmers' Market's future move from the Browning Hangar to the pavilion at Mary Elizabeth Branch Park at the northeast corner of Philomena and Aldrich streets.

For the past several years, no estimate of completion date has been announced but this article goes so far as stating "end of 2020". My guess is that Covid-19 will delay that schedule.    

Details can be seen at the Mueller Newsletter

I've seen this written elsewhere for several years but it is still disconcerting that the article states  "The Hangar has always been intended to be used in some other commercial capacity that has not yet been determined."

Let's hope that effort is as slow developing as everything else.

Jim Schwobel

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  • Are you meeting in small groups to play with masks and social distancing or no? Just wondering if I could refer people that may benefit throwIng steel in these trying times.

    -Jen, Portland, OR

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