LBC moves to the Hangar at Mueller

​As I am sure you are aware, the Texas Historical Commission, THC, will be taking over the operations of the French Légation from the Daughters.  After six decades of managing this property, the Legation has been   removed from their management by the passing of House Bill 3810.

This change happened on September 1.  What effect this will have on our playing at the Légation is not known at this time. Money has been appropriated for restoring the building, but we have no knowledge of when that will occur.  We will be getting some clarification on the THC plan September 8th, and how it will affect LBC.  When we become aware of how this will affect LBC, we will let you know.

​​Our Sunday play will continue at the Hangar at Mueller,  To avoid a conflict with the Farmer’s Market, we will start at 2:30 pm.  Our midweek pétanque will continue at the Hangar on Wednesday at 10:00am.