Preservation Camp – June 12, 2018

On June 12, 2018 LBC helped the Texas Historical Commission with Preservation Day Camp.  LBC instructed the attendees in the game of pétanque.  Everyone enjoyed being outside and we found some potential future players!

Benefit Tournament – June 3, 2018

​We survived an extremely hot tournament day, temperatures in the high 90's, high humidity, and almost no wind​, but it didn't dampen our spirits.  The level of play matched the temperatures.  

We raised $1,250 through entry fees and contributions to support the French Légation.

The results are as follows:    

1st Place   Felipe Cardona & Katie Murphy
2nd Place  Al Favela & Thierry Amisse
3rd Place   Edward Vaissiere &  Jasques Richards

1st Place   Patrick Irvin & Steven Johns
2nd Place  Arthur Laquette &  Mike Klein
3rd Place   Amadeus Alejandro &  Michael Kaufman

Alliance Francaise – May 19, 2018

​LBC helped Alliance Francise hold a carousel tournament on Sat May 19th.  We had twenty eight players, of which ten were new to tournament play.  These players came from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  It was a beautiful day at the French Legation.  Everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed a great potluck.  

The winners were:
1st Place  Carolyn Cornell & Earl Lovell
2nd Place  Juliette Laroche & Thierry Ammise
3rd place  Bridget Laroche & Jeff Brown 

HOT Tournament – April 7, 2018

​I case you have not heard, LBC & NRPC were well represented in last Sunday's HOT Pétanque Tournament.

1st Place
Christophe Champers LBC & NRPC & Jeanne Marie Browing (Dallas)

2nd Place
Jacques Richards LBC & NRPC & Thierry Amisse LBC & NRPC

3rd Place
Michel (SA) & Richard (Dallas)

4th Place
Anrhony Alejandro NRPC & Rudy Vallie LBC & NRPC

Congratulation to all!

La Chandeleur – February 25, 2018

​The La Chandeleur gods were with us, the sun came out and we had a special day for crepes and petanque.  Some where between 40 to 50 helped celebrated the event.

A special thanks goes out to Alain, Bert, Jacques, Kay, Kathy, Marion, and Rudy for bringing some very special crepes.  Chief Rudy won the prize, he prepared over 80 crepes, if you didn't get one you really missed out!

Thanks to all that brought crepes, fillings, other food and drinks.  You all made it special.

LBC moves to the Hangar at Mueller

​As I am sure you are aware, the Texas Historical Commission, THC, will be taking over the operations of the French Légation from the Daughters.  After six decades of managing this property, the Legation has been   removed from their management by the passing of House Bill 3810.

This change happened on September 1.  What effect this will have on our playing at the Légation is not known at this time. Money has been appropriated for restoring the building, but we have no knowledge of when that will occur.  We will be getting some clarification on the THC plan September 8th, and how it will affect LBC.  When we become aware of how this will affect LBC, we will let you know.

​​Our Sunday play will continue at the Hangar at Mueller,  To avoid a conflict with the Farmer’s Market, we will start at 2:30 pm.  Our midweek pétanque will continue at the Hangar on Wednesday at 10:00am.  

Clearing Legation Attic – December 15, 2017

​Some LBC members helped Ellen Busch from the Texas Historical Commission, remove items from the attic of the French Légation for storage.

On December 15th, five members of LBC:  Gary, Peter, Mike, Jim, and myself helped the THC.  Ellen is in the process of clearing out the Légation to ready the site for reconstruction.  After the scope of work is defined, THC will be selecting an architectural firm and going out for construction bids.

Work on the Légation is projected to start in either May or June of 2018.

We are hoping to return to the Légation for a special day of pétanque on February 11th.

Holiday Party – December 2, 2017

Amelia Island – November 10, 2017

A few notes about the tournament:
On the first day, Saturday, each team plays five games against randomly selected teams including all the great French teams.  Your team’s performance in those five games determines your ranking at the start of day two, Sunday.

The Plemons team (Terry and son) had three wins, two easy and one tough.  The two losses were against a very good Vietnam team and against the French team of Messonnier & Leboursdicaud.

On Sunday morning four of the Austin teams were ranked 74, 77, 82, and 91, out of a total 0f 176 teams. The first three were in the Consolante A bracket.  The best performance of the Austin teams was the Thierry/Jacques team who made it to the semifinals and lost 9-8 to a very good team (the same team that knocked out the Plemons team in the first round).

The Kathy/Gary Ragan team in the Consolante D bracket got to the finals and was beaten by an apparent “ringer” team with an outstanding shooter and excellent pointer who should have been in a much higher bracket.  Suspicious?  Yeah.

During the awards ceremony the Thierry/Jacques and the Kathy/Gary teams were recognized and each team member won $50.

Another proud moment for Texas:  Michelle Healey (San Antonio), Jean Marie Browning (Dallas) and their third partner (?) on Friday won the Women’s National title game and will represent the United States next year.

We watched some really great quarter finals, semifinals and finals matches. Outstanding seats right next to the courts. Sometimes you are just a few feet from the cochonnet or the players themselves.  Does not get any better.  On Friday we saw an exhibition triplets match with the team that beat the Walt/Amine team in New York. You may remember that team included Jean Pierre and the father-son combo (13 year old kid).