French Legation Construction Update

Report from Ed Priest:

Sept 16, 2019:   Construction is continuing at the French Legation.  Status of the various projects include:

-- Continued reworking of the back gate entrance by the parking lot.  It is really taking shape now.

-- On the Legation itself windows and door have been removed at the back and the old concrete and wooden ramp have been removed. The rotten timbers have been removed from the front porch.  

-- The new steps at the front and side of the building are shaping up with the forms for the foundation footing.

-- Work is continuing on the entrance to the carriage house.  Interior work has also started which includes the restroom.

-- The parking lot is defiantly showing the most head way.  

-- The old brick walkways are being removed making way for the new ADA approved ones.

-- They are trying to save what grass they can during this hot summer with portable sprinklers since the irrigation system is totally dismantled.

​It is good to see how the work is progressing at this time.

 - Ed

  • Thanks for the update, Ed, and congratulations for your club and this web site. Hello to all, enjoy the lovely month of October.

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