Annot on French National News!

​That’s Annot, our village in France, on the French national news, and the star of the show is no other than our friend and property manager Bénédicte, with her husband, Alain. So cool!


The Tournament
Some of you may know that Jeff and Marion have a little place in the village of Annot, France. Almost exactly one year ago we put on a pétanque tournament there with seven teams from Texas matched up with seven teams from Annot. Its was great!

Like Being on CNN!
Those of you who were there got to meet our good friend, and property manager, Bénedicte and her husband Alain. Today they are in the national spotlight on TR1 - the French equivalent of CNN!

The story on TR1 is HERE.

​Trouble Seeing Video?
There were some issues on mobile devices using Safari. Using Firefox and this link HERE might help.

​A Beautiful Film on Annot
Another great video on Annot is here below. It explains the unique geology and giant rocks of the area that climbers from all around come to test their skills on.