Covid-19 and Pétanque

​We at the LBC have been thinking about how the presence of the Covid-19 virus should affect our behavior when we get together to play pétanque.

This is especially important because a large percentage of our players are older and much more vulnerable to dying if they become infected.

Lots of indoor events are being cancelled all around us, but if we are careful, playing pétanque outdoors is probably not a high risk activity.

​Suggested Guidelines

  • Stay home if your are sick ​-Stay home even if you just suspect you are getting sick. This is very important!​​​
  • ​No physical touching at all ​- Froget about the traditional greetings. We all know we are good friends.​​​​​​
  • Sanitize your hands often ​- Washing your hands with soap and water is best. That is difficult at the hangar because there is no running water.​​​ Use hand sanitizer often instead.
  • Use precautions with shared food​ - Sharing food and drink is, of course, a popular theme when we get together. But we need to be especially aware of the risk of contamination.​​​
  • ​You are responsible ​- No amount of rules and regulations can take the place of common sense. You need to be smart and take responsibility for your own health.​​​

Results – NRPC Tournament March 1, 2020

Message from NRPC

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​We had a full house at the Nelson Ranch for the 2020 Spring Doubles Pétanque Tournament.

There were 22 teams, including one team from Dallas and four teams from San Antonio​ who took to the terrains to battle it out in the first contest of the year.

After three qualifying games in the morning and a FANTASTIC pot luck lunch, the top eight teams advanced to the playoffs while the rest of the field played the consolation bracket.

The level of play in Austin keeps rising, and in the playoffs, there were some fierce battles, as well as some surprising upsets.

It was clear that many players brought their "A" game. In the end, there can only be four winners.

​​Tourney Results:

1st Place: Marion Bermondy (NRPC) & Stephen Johns (S.A.)

2nd Place:  Nico Bienvenue (S.A.) & Amy Bienvenu (S.A.)

3rd Place:  Kathy Ragan (NRPC) & Jacques Richard (NRPC)

Consolante: Felipe Cardona (NRPC) & Hasu Patel (HOTPC)

The Legation Boules Club will be hosting a doubles melee tournament end of March, and our next NRPC tournament will be in late May.

There are plenty of chances to compete this year.

​Thanks to all who participated and big thanks to everyone who helped with the set up.

The season is off to a great start. If you missed out on this one, be sure to plan on coming to the next one.

Vive La Petanque!



Michel Costa – Health Issues

​Nico and Michel at the French Legation

​A Serious Heart Attack

​Recently, we at the LBC have learned that Michel Costa had a serious heart attack and has been in and out of the hospital.

Sorry to say that we don't have many up-to-date details, but we are all hoping for the best outcome possible!

If you have any news on how Michel is doing feel free to comment below.

​​​​​​In the meantime, we all want to let Michel know we are thinking of him and hope he can join us on the terrain soon!

New Member – Fernando Posada

​The Legation Boules Club is happy to welcome New Member Fernando Posada to the club. Fernando is a friend of Don Jansky and currently lives in Houston.

Hopefully, Fernando can spend time in Austin playing pétanque with us. He is new to the sport but is catching on really fast.

Welcome Fernando!

New Member – Margaret Kenty

​The Legation Boules Club welcomes Margaret Kenty!

Margaret is super-nice and relatively new to pétanque.

She appears to be improving by leaps and bounds each week on the terrain.

So, if not already, Margaret will be stiff competition in the near future.

Welcome aboard Margaret!