Austin Pétanque Group


Welcome to the Austin Pétanque Group!

This group is a way for pétanque players in the Austin area to contact each other in "real time" via text for the most current information on when and where people are playing. Feel free to ask what other players are up to, or tell people where you are playing. 


You will need to have the Signal app installed on your phone in order to join the group. Once you have the app installed request to Join the Group to be connected.


Please remember that when you send a message to the group it goes out to everyone, so make sure your message will be of interest to everyone.

* One or two comments between individuals should be OK, but no conversations.

* If you are messaging a particular individual, contact them directly and not the whole group.

* Please just use common sense and be nice. No politics, religion, or social issues.

* No frivolous "Me too!" comments please.

Google Maps for Terrain Locations

Thank You and Enjoy!