Video Testimonials for the LBC Website

You know how when you go to buy something online, one of the first things you do is look at the reviews?

And you know how websites with stuff for sale are likely to have customer testimonials?


Well, now we want to add YOUR testimonials to the LBC website.

That’s right, we want to make a brief little video of YOU talking about what it is that you really like about pétanque and the Legation Boules Club.

Whatever it is that’s important to you… the goal is to convince new people who have never played to give it a try.

So get ready. Why DO you really like playing pétanque?

"I do it for the exercise"

Is it the social aspect?

Being outside and exercising?

Is it the competition?

Maybe all the above?

​Please think about what you are going to say so you’ll be prepared when I catch up with you with my video camera.

Thank You!

  • Jeff, this is a great idea and are truly raising the bar of the LBC website. Timely, interactive and user-friendly. Can’t wait to see what’s next.