Ultimate Pétanque Tournament Checklist

Ultimate Pétanque Tournament Checklist

(A work in progress)

This is not a guide on how to run a tournament, but a resource of To Do Lists and Materials Lists for a basic pétanque tournament.

Here in Texas we are excited about our new Pétanque for the Planet waste reduction and recycling effort. Instead of creating so much waste, we try to make sure all the serving materials can be cleaned and reused at the next event. The details of the program are HERE.

We encourage anyone organizing a tournament to try to reduce unnecessary waste. To improve your chances of success we suggest you inform participants in advance about how they can help when they sign up for the event.

Feel free to distribute the Pétanque for the Planet link to participants when they register for your event.

In particular, when you have pot luck meals, you can remind participants to:

   - Bring their own serving utensils to safely serve the dishes they contribute.

   - Provide metal utensils for cutting thing like pate and cheese.

   - Use and return the wine glasses.

   - Clean their plates and use the compost and recycling bins

A final helpful tips we have learned here in Texas, is that you can reduce congestion around the food tables by locating the drinks table in a separate area.  

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Tournament Setup

Tournament To Do

  • Outline courts
  • Install barriers
  • Set up scoreboards
  • Distribute circles
  • Set up registration table and easels

Tournament Materials

  • String, nails, barriers
  • Scoreboards and clothespins
  • Circles and cochonnets
  • Sign-in table and chairs
  • Money box
  • Easels and signboards
  • Roster pages, rotation pages and scoresheets 
  • Pens, pencils and highlighters
  • Tape and/or push pins
  •  Timer
  • Signal horn or whistle
  • Prizes and medals

Breakfast Setup

Breakfast To Do

  • Prepare instructional signage
  • Set up tables according to themes
  • Provide electricity for hot food tables
  •  Group cold foods together
  • Set up drinks table

Breakfast Supplies

  • Coffee and pastries
  • Paper or foam cups
  • Sugar and sugar substitute
  • Cream or creamer
  • Stirrers and spoons
  • Paper towels
  • Small paper plates

Lunch Setup

Lunch To Do

  • Set up water cooler
  • Set  up tables and tablecloths
  • Organize utensils
  • Put up signs
  • Set up extension cords

Lunch Supplies

  • Ice for coolers and for cups
  • Bottled water and water for water cooler
  • Coolers for food and drinks
  • Various sizes  of plastic plates and bowls
  • Paper or foam plates or containers for leftovers  
  • Paper bowls for liquid leftovers
  • Plastic forks, knives and spoons
  • Serving utensils like spoons and tongs of various sizes
  • Paper towels, napkins and wipes 
  • Wine glasses and transport carrier
  • Plastic drink glasses
  • Metal knives
  • Table covers and clips or tape
  • For recycle station
  • Power strips
  • Extension cords
  • Instruction signs with tape of push pins
  • Scissors

Recycling Setup

Recycling To Do

  • Announce recycling instructions
  • Explain composting, recycling and trash
  • Spatulas for scraping food off plates
  • Post recycling signage
  • Set up trash bags

Recycling Supplies

  • Compost tubs
  • Containers for used plates and plastic ware
  • Spatulas for scraping food off plates
  • Recycle box
  • Trash bags

Cleanup Chores

Tournament Cleanup

  • Take up outline strings
  • Collect scoreboards
  • Collect Circles

Food Cleanup

  • Save signs
  • Collect used plates and utensils
  • Spatulas for scraping food off plates
  • Recycle box
  • Trash bags