Questions About Illegal Moves in Pétanque

Jeff Brown here, taking over for Johnny Carreau.

Johnny is still around, sheltering in place at home, but he lost his Internet connection because he couldn't pay his electric bill - after losing his side job as a costume designer for the Olympic figures skaters.

Johnny really did great work, but times are hard.

Hopefully, Johnny will be back online soon.

Illegal Pétanque Moves

As an Official  Pétanque Umpire it is my duty to be aware of, and enforce, all the rules of pétanque. The question of the potentially illegal moves involving hypnosis don’t appear to be well defined in the rule books.

Apparently, the use of hypnosis against your opponents is considered ILLEGAL in some other sports.

For Example:

Honestly, I would not know what call to make if, for example, in the middle of a game Gary and Amine decided to use hypnosis to turn Ed and Thierry into a couple of crazy, disco-dancing zombies.

Or what if Victor and Kelly decided use one of those boule magnets on a string, swinging it back and forth like a pocketwatch, to mesmerize Carolyn and Don causing them to go into some kind of funky trance? I don't want to think about Don doing "The Worm" in the hangar.

But there is nothing about using hypnosis in the rule book!

This Rule May Apply:

This is from the official rule book:

"The opponents must not walk, nor gesticulate nor do anything that could disturb the player about to play. Only his or her team-mate/s may remain between the throwing circle and the jack."

So I assume using snake-charmer gestures to put your opponents under a disco dance spell could be considered a form of gesticulation, and therefore, illegal.

Anyway, until I get clarification, be warned, if I am the umpire of your game - NO HYPNOSIS!

Until then, try not to get COVID-19.


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