and other activities at the

Browning Hangar

The Browning Hangar has long been a home away from home for pétanque players and other communities.

A Community Center Since 2016

Mueller Development marketing materials from 2016 show
the Browning hangar full of people playing the game of pétanque.

Who Uses the

Browning Hangar?

Offering protection from the blazing Texas sun, cover from the rain, and lights at night, the Browning hangar makes a wide range of community activities possible, day or night, all year long.

Nelson Ranch Petanque Club

Every week, several players travel from Cedar Park to play pétanque at the hangar.

French Legation Boules club

The LBC is the largest, most active, pétanque organization in Texas. Our group of approximately 50 regular players spends more time at the hangar than anyone else. Many of our regular players spend as much as ten hours a week at the hangar. (See our list of events below)

sword fighting groups

There are three different sword fighting groups that take advantage of the Browning hangar. The groups meet weekly.

food truck diners

Lots of people like to bring the food they buy at the food trucks to the hangar to get out of the sun and eat on the picnic tables.

birthday party groups

There is no place better than the hangar for large informal birthday parties. Practically every weekend, with plenty of room for the kids to run around, party goers pull up as many picnic tables as they need and decorate the place with balloons.


The hangar is a great outdoor space for bands to practice.

Charity and Other Events

The hangar is perfect for large outdoor events and has hosted a range of events from the Arthritis Foundation Walk to the Austin Children's Museum Imaginarium Gala. 

Official Pétanque Proclamation in 2014

Almost a decade ago, pétanque players were already being recognized by the Mayor of Austin as the most active group using the Browning hangar. Hundreds of games later, the Austin pétanque clubs are stronger and hosting more events than ever thanks, in part, to the unique features of the Browning hangar.

February 2014 - Mayor Lee Leffingwell announces the Official Proclamation of Pétanque Day at the Browning Hangar for the Heart of Texas Pétanque Club!

A Long History of Community Use

Ever since the hangar was rebuilt and opened to the public, it has attracted a wide range

of communities that take advantage of its unique features.

The free and open nature of the Browning hangar invites pedestrians to wander through and experience the vast space under the arch. Many of the visitors are unfamiliar with pétanque, and stop to watch the games. Often people will take up the invitation to try playing on the spot, and a surprising number of our regular players are people who just discovered the game passing through the hangar!

Recent Pétanque Events at the Browning Hangar

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of events that could be held at the Browning hangar.

In fact, the hangar was completely closed to the public by the City of Austin during the height of the pandemic.

But over the years, the pétanque players have still had hundreds of gathering at the hangar!

International Events

March 24, 2022 - Women's Pétanque Retreat

Four days of training with French Coach Florence Trellu. Approximately 30 participants came from France and around the USA.

National Events

April 6 - 7, 2019 - FPUSA National Mixed Triples Tournament

Part of the reason Austin was chosen as the location for this national tournament was because of the unique features of the Browning Hangar. This event brought approximately 100 "heads in beds" to Austin.

Regular Weekly Events

Friday Night Lights at the Hangar

After a long work week, relaxing with a few games of pétanque has been the best way to unwind for many Austinites. Since 2016, a core group of about 20 players has turned out to play at the hangar approximately 350 times.

Sunday Afternoons at the Hangar

The starting time may change with the seasons, but almost every Sunday afternoon, if you pass by the Browning hangar you will see around 10 to 30 pétanque players having a good time. These gatherings are usually a potluck affair with everyone pitching in with snacks and drinks. Again, since 2016 there have been approximately 350 gatherings because the hangar is always open - rain or shine - all year long. Many Sunday gatherings end up becoming birthday celebrations too!

Special Events

The Legation Boules Club regularly reserves the Browning Hangar to host events in cooperation with our friends from the Nelson Ranch Pétanque Club in Cedar Park.

June 11, 2023 - Memorial Wake for Jim Schwobel

Approximately 200 people gathered to say goodbye to our dear friend and major pétanque contributor Jim Schwobel. The gathering included The University of Texas Alumni Band and the Austin Polka Band.

March 13, 2022 - Liam Adoption Party

Liam got officially adopted by his new dad. Let's have a party and play pétanque at the hangar!

April 10, 2022 - Legations Boules Club Tournament

One of the regular LBC annual pétanque tournaments with about 30 participants.

October 31, 2021 - Terry Plemons Memorial Tournament

If you look high up on the north wall of the hangar you will see a small framed picture of our dear friend and pétanque player Terry Plemmons, who passed away too soon. Looking down from above, in more ways than one, we hope, he can still be with us every week.

April 7, 2018 - Tenth Anniversary Celebration Tournament

The Heart of Texas Pétanque Club celebrates its ten-year anniversary with a national pétanque tournament at the Browning hangar.