November 3rd, 2021

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Dear reader,
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A Message from Alain Philippe at the Boule Acadienne Club de Pétanque in Clare, Nova Scotia

Thank You Jim Schwobel

"Ah... these Texans... they will always surprise us. What a fantastic conviviality and generous friendship in this magnificent pétanque club... We are impressed here at the Acadian boules club by this gesture of great friendship... Mr. Jim Schwobel."

Thank you Alain Philippe for the kind words! We hope you and your club members can come and join us in Texas some day.

We know that your Acadien Boules Club is planning to have a pétanque event in Nova Scotia that will correspond with the 2024 Congress Mondial Acadien from August 10th to 18th in the year 2024.

If any Texans are interested in going, here is a link to help plan your trip:

It looks like it will be a great event. Our club founder, Ed Priest, and his wife say that they already plan to be there!

Thanks Again Alain Philippe!

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