September 20th, 2021

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Dear reader,

Jim Schwobel - Update September 20, 2021

Thierry and Jim

Moving to Hospice Care

We were able speak with Jim over the weekend and now we have an update on his plans.

Since last week, instead of moving back into his house, Jim has decided to move to a hospice facility.

Unfortunately, he will not be able to host a party at his place like he was planning last week; in fact, he thinks it's unlikely he will be able to go back to his house at all.

However, Jim has been giving us, and his cousin Michelle, detailed instructions on how he would like to have his pétanque equipment distributed and what he would like have happen whenever there is a wake in his honor.

As ever, Jim says he very much appreciates all the good wishes people have been sending him and regrets that he's not able to host guests at the moment.

If you want to send Jim cards or letters, here is the address of his new place:

Austin Wellness and Rehabilitation
11406 Rustic Rock
Austin, TX 78750

We will send out another update in a few days.


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