September 12th, 2021

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Dear reader,

Jim Schwobel - September 11, 2021 Update

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Jim says he is feeling better since he had a procedure done to remove two liters of fluid from around his lungs. Breathing is much easier now, as you can imagine!

The big news is that Jim is planning to move back to his home. He will have an assistant there who will take care of him.

Before he moves back in he plans to clear out some extra room by having a yard sale and putting furniture and other things on Craigslist.

Once Jim gets settled back into his house he plans to have a party with his musician friends and pétanque buddies. He has a lot of pétanque-related things, like boules, cochonnets and trophy's to give away.

There will also be things like kitchen items available that might be good for some people such as a young couple starting out.

He even plans to let people play some games on his pétanque terrain - fueled by all the bottles of alcohol in his liquor cabinet that he will be giving away!

The details of this plan are still be worked out. The dates are not set yet, but we will let you know when the plan is finalized.

On the phone, while talking with JIm, there was the sound of someone opening what sounded like a can of beer. Jim said it reminded him of this song called "Pop at Top Again" by Jim Ed Brown.

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