August 30th, 2021

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Dear reader,

Tommy Woods Retires from Pétanque

Tommy Trophy
Tommy Woods with Trophy in Annot, France
Unfortunately, due to problems with his back, Tommy Woods has had to give up playing pétanque.

We are sorry to report that Tommy and his wife Evelyn will not be able to play in any more LBC tournaments.

Tommy Woods
Tommy with Marie-Claude
Tommy and Evelyn, from Edinburg, near the southern tip of Texas, would always stop in to play a few games here in Austin whenever they were in the area. They played in quite a few tournaments too.

They even made the trip all the way to Annot, France to play in a tournament there!

Tommy and Evelyn
Tommy and Evelyn Woods at a Tournament

Even though Tommy won't be able to compete in any more games like he used to, (he was a very good pointer), we all hope that at least he and Evelyn will be able to visit us in the future and cheer us on from the the sidelines!

You will be missed!

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