August 23rd, 2021

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Dear reader,

Jim Schwobel Update - August 23, 2021

Here is the latest update about our buddy Jim:

- He is still in the hospital at Ascension Seton and will finish with his radiation treatment early this week.

- Because of COVID restrictions he can only have two visitors per day. This means that it is NOT a good idea to just go visit him because there are certain people that he really does need to see as he gets his affairs in order. He is asking that we don't try to visit him for now.

- Jim also has difficulty communicating with people via text, email and phone so he is also asking that people just rely on announcements such as this one to get updates on his situation, just for the time being.

- Sometime around the middle of this week Jim plans to be leaving the hospital to go to an assisted living facility. Once he gets there it may be easier for people to visit him, but again, for the near future, he has al lot of important things to deal with and won't be able to host visitors for a while.

- Jim is in pretty good spirits and says he appreciates all the care and concern that people have shown.

There should be another update on his situation in about a week.

Thank you.

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