August 17th, 2021

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Jim Schwobel - Update - August 17, 2021

Jim and Ed Hospital
Jim with Ed Priest
Jim Schwobel is resting comfortably, and being well fed, in the at Ascension Seton hospital on 38th street.

He plans to be there for at least a week so he can get some radiation treatments on his arm.

Jim is in good spirits and is bravely facing his tough situation with stage 4 cancer. He does not plan to get chemotherapy, but his doctor has told him that they may try an new, different sort of treatment that may help him.

The doctor has also updated Jim's prognosis and now believes that he may be able to hang there for approximately four to eight months.

He has been working hard putting together all the details of his own wake. There is already a big line-up of musicians, pétanque demonstrations, different bands, and other performers. He has even already picked out the playlist of songs he wants people to play.

The big idea is that everyone can gather at the Browning hangar for the event. At least he hasn't set a date yet!

Now that he has settled into his routine, Jim says that he is eager to have visitors.

He has to go out to another facility every day around 1PM to 2PM to get his radiation treatments, so that is something visitors need to work around.

Jim can get phone calls, emails and texts, but if you write to him, please don't expect him to write a long reply since he has to type on his phone with just one hand.

Calling is probably the best way to coordinate a visit. The room has three chairs but there is room for up to six people.

Everyone should feel welcome to use the Austin Pétanque Group on Signal if they want to try and coordinate a group visit.

Visitation Details:

Room 722

Ascension Seton hospital on 38th street.

Not available from 1PM to 2PM.

Call or Text (512) 619-4646.


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Thierry and Jim
Jim with Thierry Amisse
Jim with Horns
Hook 'em Horns!
Joe Dahlstrom and Jim
Jim with Joe Dahlstrom
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