August 9th, 2021

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Dear reader,

Jim Schwobel - Update - Monday 9/08/2021

We just got another update from Jim Schwobel today. He sounds very clear-headed and is in good spirits given the situation.

He can now confirm that he has stage 4 bone cancer and that the cancer is what caused his broken arm.

He is still in the hospital and has decided for sure that he is not going to pursue any sort of chemotherapy.

Jim is still planning to move to an assisted living facility in a few days.

He is also still working on ideas for some kind of New Orleans-style wake in his honor. He would like to bring together his polka band friends, his pétanque buddies, and even perhaps have a couple of performances by his magician friends.

Jim mentioned that he once attended a wake in Paris put on by some tent circus performers that he was particularly impressed with.

I will work with Jim to send out another update in a few days.

- Jeff

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