April 1st, 2021

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New Austin Pétanque Group on Signal

Dear reader,
The new group is gaining momentum! We are already up to about 14 members!

Now that people are starting to play pétanque again, we need an easy way for players to stay in touch about where games are happening. The Austin Pétanque Group on Signal does just that!

If you ever find you have some spare time and want to see if anyone is available to play outside of the usual gatherings - then you can just ask the group!

To join the group you need to have the Signal app installed on your device. You can find the app by clicking the button below.

Once you have the Signal app installed then you should receive an invitation to join the Austin Pétanque Group.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any question or problems please write to contact@legationboules.com

facebook website