January 28th, 2021

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Dear reader,

A Message from Boule Acadienne Pétenque Club in Nova Scotia:

Happy new year to all of you Pétanquers from Austin and...around we wish you a better time than the year 2020.

We always appreciate receiving news from you and think of you even if we are not present on your Friday ZOOM.

We are rolling foot by foot on our club's construction. We are officially registered as a Nova Scotia Incorporation "joint stock companies" since the end of 2020 as "As Boule Acadienne Association"!


Recently we have been advised that the municipality of Clare was okay to give use a site converted into playing terrains and possibly for the next season.

Yeah again!

So 2021 should better for us.

Wishing you again the best for Legation Boules Club.

Best Regards,

Alain-Philippe for the Boule Acadienne members around me and Roland Jaume.
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