October 11th, 2020

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Dear reader,
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Signal replaces WhatsApp

You might remember there was an Austin Pétanque WhatsApp group that pétanque players used to keep in touch about pétanque events around town.

Eventually, we found that WhatsApp had too many security risks so the group was shut down to keep everyone safe.

Now there is a new option called Signal, that has advantages over WhatsApp. You can read all about it via the links below.

Soon, I will do an experiment and invite LBC members to join the new Austin Pétanque group on Signal.

You will need to install the app on your phone if you don't already have it to sign up. If you are not interested, just ignore the invitation.

Even though you are hearing about this through the Legation Boules Club newsletter, the LBC has nothing to do with the Austin Pétanque Signal Group, and takes no responsibility for anything related to it.

Also, I, Jeff Brown am organizing the group, but I don't take any responsibility at all for anyone or anything related to it.

As ever, we are all responsible for our own online security.

Even though the COVID-19 situation has affected our ability to play together, it is still a good idea to keep the communications open so our group can stay strong until we can safely be together on the terrain - and kick the ass of Thierry Amisse!

Learn About the Signal App





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