August 23rd, 2020

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Dear reader,

Here is a message from our new pétanque friends in Acadia with a short video (and a cool Google Maps link):

La Boule Adadienne Movie
Click HERE to see movie.

From Alain-Philippe:

"A short video to give you a little touch..very little touch... of us as beginners clubmen here in Acadie aera...

Thanks to you legation boules club for adopting us on your Friday guest list. We will try to come and say hello from time to time.

Sorry we are not very fluent in English: we are invincible francophones here in Acadia but we are trying to improve ourselves on this side as in our game of pétanque.

We remain attentive to your friendly and warm opening towards these Nordic pétanquists that we are striving to become and thank you again for your nice attention."

Roland, Serge and Alain-Philippe

"La Boule Acadienne"

See the terrain on Google Maps!

Here is some pandemic fun. How much do you know about Nova Scotia? Could you find it on a map? Me neither! So, since I like looking around the world on Google Maps I decided to try and find the place where these guys are playing pétanque. I took a little while but with a couple of clues from that sign in the background I found it!

Here is a link that takes you there:

I think it is pretty cool to zoom in and out to see just exactly where these guys are located. Nova Scotia is WAY different from Texas - it's like being in a different country! This place is what you see when you look out of the plane on the way to France. From the looks of that beach, I bet it gets PRETTY CHILLY in the winter when the wind start blowing in from the ocean.

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