July 21st, 2020

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Dear reader,

Message from Ed Priest

Last Friday Nights Lights Zoom we met a fellow pétanque player from Nova Scotia, Alain-Phillippe Gerard. He is from France and lived in the Paris area, and his wife is from Canada. He has a friend in Lafayette LA, John Duplant.

John got him to join our Zoom meeting and discuss his pétanque plans. We can all relate to his story. They are a group of five and are working with the city to build a pétanque site, and have large plans for the future.

Alain keeps busy by also broadcasting a FM radio show in French. His show can be reached by podcast on "online radio box". His next shows will be Wed July 22 and Aug 5. The shows run from 3 to 4pm Halifax time. Halifax time is two hours ahead of ours.

Alian would love to hear from our fellow petanque players, especially the french speakers. So send him a warm LBC greeting and catch his radio show. Check out Friday night Zoom meeting he may join us once again.

If you are interested in the Zoom meeting be sure and let Jeff know. I have attached part of an email that Alain sent to me. His email address is alphilgebis@gmail.com.
I hope everyone is doing well and continues to be safe and healthy.


Message from Alain-Philippe Gerard

Hi Ed,
John told me about your e-mail he received. it would be nice to see you if you come to our area one day ( if that Covid would leave us in peace) no problem.

Your group has been very kind to listen to my short story about how, with my friend Roland ( another retired French here in Clare) we are trying to build a little pétanque club - Laboule Acadienne.

i'm the one who communicates in English, he does not. We are waiting for the green light for facilities from the municipality of Clare to get an official external area built by the technical services.

In the meantime, we also asked for financial help from the Acadian society in the financial planning for the next world Acadien Congress 2024 here in Clare. They want to have the most important congress ever held before.

i sent the general manager our business plan to organize an Inter - North America tournament during that event.

Hopefully, they will act on my proposition. Well, this all our future here in Clare.

By the way, if you have time to connect on "online radio box" on the net and look for:

CIFA FM 104.1 is a broadcast Radio station from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have my own show 2 wenesdays a month 3 to 4pm Halifax time.

They are called "Lettres et paroles francophones" and "Classique..vous avez dit classique".

Both are in French. We are a francophone radio for the french acadian community.


CIFA 104.1 FM Links

Halifax is two hours ahead of Austin, TX

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