March 12th, 2020

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Covid-19 and Pétanque

Covid-19 and Pétanque
​We at the LBC have been thinking about how the presence of the Covid-19 virus should affect our behavior when we get together to play pétanque.

This is especially important because a large percentage of our players are older and much more vulnerable to dying if they become infected.

Lots of indoor events are being cancelled all around us, but if we are careful, playing pétanque outdoors is probably not a high risk activity.

​Suggested Guidelines
  • Stay home if your are sick ​-Stay home even if you just suspect you are getting sick. This is very important!​​​
  • ​No physical touching at all ​- Froget about the traditional greetings. We all know we are good friends.​​​​​​
  • Sanitize your hands often ​- Washing your hands with soap and water is best. That is difficult at the hangar because there is no running water.​​​ Use hand sanitizer often instead.
  • Use precautions with shared food​ - Sharing food and drink is, of course, a popular theme when we get together. But we need to be especially aware of the risk of contamination.​​​
  • ​You are responsible ​- No amount of rules and regulations can take the place of common sense. You need to be smart and take responsibility for your own health.​​​
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