January 11th, 2020

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LBC Membership for 2020

Dear reader,
Message from Ed Priest:

Ed Priest
Happy New Years LBC Members,

We hope you had a wonderful New Years and are ready to start another great year of pêtanque with LBC in 2020.

Yes, it is time to renew your membership!

For the first time we have raised our membership dues to $20. The increase in dues will help LBC expand our web presence and help fund new projects in the coming year.

How to Pay?

  • By Check. Write a check to LBC and hand it to Ed Priest or mail it to: Ed Priest, LBC Treasurer, 3702 French Place, Austin, TX 78722
  • With Cash. Just give it to Ed Priest in person.
  • ​Online. Click the button below and you can pay online with your debit or credit card.
facebook website