September 16th, 2019

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LBC Website Update

Dear subscriber,

It's Jeff here. Trying to keep you informed! If you haven't been to the LBC website lately you may want to check out some of the new changes that have been made. One of the new features is that you can now see the new blog posts right there on the front page.

New posts now allow you to make comments on them also.

Another project I am working on is trying to get everyone to give me the information I need to finish up the Members Page. If you haven't already given me your information please just put your answers in an email and send them to me so I can put them on the website.

Position you play (pointer, shooter, both):
Experience level (beginner, intermediate, experienced):
Personal background:
What you like about pétanque:
Tips for new players:

You can just CLICK HERE to open an email to send in your answers.
(Just copy and paste the questions above into the email and add your answers.)

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