July 29th, 2022

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Dear reader,

Cool Comedy Magic! - August 13, 2022


A Message from Magical Mystical Michael:

Hello, I would like to thank everybody who attended my last performance at "Sessions on Mary".You were all incredible and packed the house!

I am trying to do my once-a-month public "Cool Comedy Magic Show"!

I found a place for my next show, with the potential of being my, once-a-month "Second Saturday" venue.

Last Stand Brewing Company
7601 S.Congress Austin, TX 78745

Saturday, August 13
8:00 to 9:15-ish


(donations appreciated)

Remember the last time you saw a “cool” comedy magic show for grown-ups? No? Then it’s high time to see Magical Mystical Michael.

A montage of mirth, mystery and magic, he’s not your typical Magician.

Combining wit, charm and a “sleight” attitude laced with his “eccentric-illusive logic”creating new and original “Magic of the Mind and Hands”

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facebook website 
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