November 13th, 2021

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Umpire Training - UPDATE

Umpire Training


Here is the big idea. You may not be interested becoming an official FPUSA umpire, but you still might like to learn the rules of pétanque.

You may not want to take the written umpire test, but you might like to have a session or two with National umpire Gary Jones, the existing local umpires, and new umpire trainees to focus on really learning the rules and, at least, get a better understanding of how the whole umpire thing works.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in let us know and we will try to set up a session or two, maybe connected to regular Sunday play at the hangar, where we can get together and learn the latest rule changes as a group along with those who want to get qualified.


Follow the link below and go the "I AM INTERESTED" button and send your message. Then you can be part of the discussion on what we might possibly arrange. Thanks.


​Gary and Shirley Jones, from North Carolina, will be in the Austin area until around the end of the year.

Gary is a National Umpire in the FPUSA and has generously offered to, once again, train and test people who would like to become pétanque umpires in the FPUSA.​

Click the link below to learn about training to become a pétanque umpire and to see links to all the relevant resources.

There is also a special bonus link on pétanque etiquette!

Learn About Umpire Training

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